6 Reasons To Explore Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is a great suburb filled with so many fun things to do. A gem in the suburbs, an oasis for city dwellers, heading to the suburbs may seem like a strange suggestion for an activity. People may not know the benefits that come along with exploring the northwest suburbs of Chicago, specifically Arlington Heights.


The suburbs provide a family-friendly community

The suburbs were made for families so bringing your family to explore the suburbs is something that you can’t go wrong with. The suburbs provide family-friendly events of all kinds and are used to accommodating families nearly anywhere you decide to go. 


 1. Suburbs offer you more space

The appeal of the suburbs is that there’s more space for you to do your own thing. The city is often described as congested and crowded whereas the suburbs are the complete antithesis. For a nice break visit a suburb and clear your mind.


 2. Reconnect with nature in the burbs

Because there is more space in the suburbs, there is more of an opportunity for nature to be present. Along with trees and shrubberies surrounding the housing in the area, there are forest preserves sprinkled across nearly all of the Chicago suburbs. Be sure to check them out when you get the chance.


 3. Cute little stores

The suburbs are also home to small and unique stores. Small businesses tend to be more so in the suburbs than in the city and exploring them is something well worth doing. 


 4. A more relaxed environment

Whereas the city is fast-paced full of workers and people in a hurry, the suburbs tend to have a more relaxed environment encompassing it. Only a train ride away, a chill day in the suburbs may be just what the doctor ordered.


 5. Fun events like the Rotary Santa Run! 

The suburbs tend to host a lot of community events that bring them together. A great example of this is the Rotary Santa Run that is occurring December 7 (2019). Proceeds are distributed throughout the Village, Nationally, and Globally. Please join the Arlington Heights Rotary club and register for the Rotary Santa fun run to support numerous causes. With your registration, receive a medal and five-piece Santa suit. 


The suburbs are a worthwhile place to explore if you give it the opportunity. You don’t need to live in a suburb to take advantage of all of the great things that they have to offer.

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