6 Reasons To Explore Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights is a great suburb filled with so many fun things to do. A gem in the suburbs, an oasis for city dwellers, heading to the suburbs may seem like a strange suggestion for an activity. People may not know the benefits that come along with exploring the northwest suburbs of Chicago, specifically Arlington Heights.


The suburbs provide a family-friendly community

The suburbs were made for families so bringing your family to explore the suburbs is something that you can’t go wrong with. The suburbs provide family-friendly events of all kinds and are used to accommodating families nearly anywhere you decide to go. 


 1. Suburbs offer you more space

The appeal of the suburbs is that there’s more space for you to do your own thing. The city is often described as congested and crowded whereas the suburbs are the complete antithesis. For a nice break visit a suburb and clear your mind.


 2. Reconnect with nature in the burbs

Because there is more space in the suburbs, there is more of an opportunity for nature to be present. Along with trees and shrubberies surrounding the housing in the area, there are forest preserves sprinkled across nearly all of the Chicago suburbs. Be sure to check them out when you get the chance.


 3. Cute little stores

The suburbs are also home to small and unique stores. Small businesses tend to be more so in the suburbs than in the city and exploring them is something well worth doing. 


 4. A more relaxed environment

Whereas the city is fast-paced full of workers and people in a hurry, the suburbs tend to have a more relaxed environment encompassing it. Only a train ride away, a chill day in the suburbs may be just what the doctor ordered.


 5. Fun events like the Rotary Santa Run! 

The suburbs tend to host a lot of community events that bring them together. A great example of this is the Rotary Santa Run that is occurring December 7 (2019). Proceeds are distributed throughout the Village, Nationally, and Globally. Please join the Arlington Heights Rotary club and register for the Rotary Santa fun run to support numerous causes. With your registration, receive a medal and five-piece Santa suit. 


The suburbs are a worthwhile place to explore if you give it the opportunity. You don’t need to live in a suburb to take advantage of all of the great things that they have to offer.


8 Ways To Give Back To Your Community During The Holidays

The holidays tend to bring out the best in people when it comes to lending their time, money, or assistance to charitable causes. If you want to do more for your local community but aren’t sure where to start, check out these tips for seasonal giving.


Many local charities arrange for donors to pair up with disadvantaged families during the holidays so they can help fulfill wish lists for presents, pantry goods, or other items. You’ll typically be given information on clothing sizes, gift ideas, and other details that can make a tremendous difference in a household less fortunate than your own. 


Despite their communal living situation, residents of senior living facilities can struggle with loneliness and isolation. Those feelings can be compounded during the holidays, which is why many activity directors of nursing homes welcome visits from people in the community. To arrange a date, you can phone the director and see if they’re amenable to children, pets, or other ways of engaging residents. Ideally, you wouldn’t make this a one-off—assisted living locations love to welcome guests on a regular basis to help form friendships with occupants. 


Homeless shelters and soup kitchens are always in need of a helping hand. When bad weather hits, they can sometimes become overwhelmed with the increased demand for space and food. Local churches will sometimes open overflow centres, and you can contribute to their efforts by lending your assistance. Check with your local housing department to see if your area could use the help.


The need for blood and platelets never ceases, but it can become stressed when holiday schedules and bad weather reduce the number of donors. To help offset any shortages, consider donating during the holidays. Your contribution could very well be responsible for giving the gift of life.


The cold months drive up the need for warm garments among homeless and disadvantaged populations across the country. While it’s commendable to donate any clothing you can, consider throwing in a couple of items that are relatively new and in good condition. A sweater free of holes or jeans that haven’t been worn out could make all the difference for someone who doesn’t have the means to buy it off the rack.


Being away from family is never easy, but being stationed overseas during the holidays can be especially difficult. Several organizations arrange for care packages to be forwarded to military personnel serving out of the country. Even a simple greeting card expressing your gratitude for their efforts could make their holiday a happier one.


Volunteering at an animal shelter is a compassionate act regardless of the season, but finding homes for their furry residents brings a special kind of holiday cheer. Some animal shelters arrange for families to have their newly adopted pet delivered to their door during the holidays: The animal couriers driving the pets to their new home sometimes dress as elves to make the experience a memorable one. Check with your local animal care representatives to see if there’s an opportunity to participate in your area.



We tend to be partial to fun runs, and none is more fun than the Rotary Santa Run 5K. Our race participants include competitive runners interested in our certified course and chip timing as well as casual fun runners and walkers. They offer Run/Walk options at 5K and a mile distance. For kids, the Reindeer Dash is a fun event before the official 5K, with kids never out of parents site. The Rotary Santa Run has donated over $250,000 in its 12 years of operation. Primarily through the Arlington Heights Rotary Club’s Grant Program. To participate in the longest-running, most fun run in the area, register for the Rotary Santa Run Here.


Training With Your Dog For A Successful Holiday Fun Run

Running with your dog is a fun way to spend time together and helps keep both of you in shape. Plus, having a running buddy can be an important source of motivation. To train your dog to be the perfect running companion, check out the following tips.


The Right Breed and Age to Start Fun Running

Before you start your training program, make sure your dog is suited to long-distance running. For example, brachycephalic dogs (those with short muzzles), like Bulldogs or Pugs,should only sprint for short distances. Also, be aware that running is not safe for puppies, as their bones are still growing. For most breeds, wait until the dog is about one-and-one-half-years old.


Even within breeds, every dog has its own personality, and some will take to running more than others. Consider your dog’s temperament, research breed, and take your pupper to the veterinarian for a physical checkup to ensure that this is a safe activity.



Cute dog running outside.

Walk Before You Fun Run

Your dog should master loose-leash walking before you start training him to run beside you. A canine companion that pulls on the leash is frustrating when walking, but downright dangerous at faster speeds. Remember that the environment is full of rewards, like squirrels and interesting smells. So, if you want your dog to stay near you, with the leash hanging in a J shape, you need to be equally rewarding. Use treats, toys, and praise to reinforce your dog for keeping the leash slack.


Keeping your dog on one side of you will be essential when you start running together. If he runs in front of you or weaves from side-to-side, he can trip you or tangle your legs in the leash. It doesn’t matter which side you choose, left or right, but pick one and stick with it. Start training at a walking pace and keep reward placement in mind. Always give your dog his treats in the position you want to reinforce, so if you want him on your left, only offer treats at your left leg. Once your dog has mastered one side, you can train the other with a different cue.


Speed Cues on a Fun Run

Now that your dog is politely walking at your side, it’s time to speed things up. When you’re out for a walk, it’s handy to have a cue, such as “let’s go,” that tells your dog it’s time to move on and get walking. A different cue, like “get running” or “move it,” can be used to tell your dog it’s time to pick up the pace. The more information you can give your dog about what you expect, the better he will be at responding appropriately.


To teach the running cue, intersperse short bursts of jogging or running with your normal walking pace. Simply give the cue immediately before you increase your speed, and then reward your dog when he hurries to catch up. In the same way, you can teach a cue such as “whoa” to slow your dog down.



Building Endurance for a 5K Fun Run

Now that your dog knows to stay at your side and match your pace, it’s time to get his body in shape. Just as humans need to build strength and endurance slowly, so does your dog. Start by adding small stretches of running into your walks. Then, on each subsequent walk, gradually increase the portion of your time spent running and decrease the portion spent walking. After several weeks, your dog will have adapted to running long distances.



Woman jogging with her dog

Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Fun Run

Your dog is finally trained and conditioned to be your running companion. But to ensure that he’s safe and enjoys running with you, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Warm up your dog before you run and cool him down when you’re finished by walking for several minutes.
  • Be aware of weather conditions. Dogs can’t handle heat and humidity as well as humans can.
  • Carry water on your walks and offer it to your dog regularly.
  • Give your dog frequent breaks, so he can recharge, go to the bathroom, and enjoy his surroundings.
  • Only allow your dog to run off-leash where it’s safe and legal, and only if he has a reliable recall amid distractions.
  • Watch your dog for signs that he’s had enough, such as excessive panting or lagging behind you. Dogs may run to please their owner, even when they want to stop.

Extreme Weather Conditioning

Dedicated runners will head out in rain, snow, or heat, but sometimes the weather outside is simply too cold for your dog. Even though you can’t run together, you can still maintain your dog’s physical conditioning with indoor exercise. Depending on his size, a game of fetch down a long hall or up and down a flight of carpeted stairs can get your dog’s heart pumping and work his muscles. You can also set up an obstacle course with things you have lying around the house like a hula hoop or a cardboard box. Many training facilities also offer indoor agility classes that will get your dog running and jumping.


Many dogs can even be trained to use a treadmill. Some treadmills are specifically designed for dogs, but if you already have one of your own, that will work fine too. Just be sure the length of the ramp is long enough for the size of your dog. The bigger the dog, the bigger the treadmill he will need. Even though this is one of the easiest ways to give your dog an indoor workout, you can’t just drop him on and go. Research treadmill training or speak to your dog trainer so you can teach your dog to enjoy the machine and use it safely. And never tie your dog to the treadmill or leave him on it unsupervised.


Register for a Fun Run Near You


Once you are comfortable with your dog as a running partner, it’s time to select a race that is dog friendly. Make sure before you register that the race you are planning allows pets. The Arlington Heights Rotary Club’s Santa Run is a fun race to participant with your dog. Registrants receive a five piece Santa suit. There race is a competitive chip timed fun run, offering run/walk options at distances of 5K and 1 mile along with a holiday themed Reindeer Run for kids. Register for the Rotary Santa Run before midnight on 10/31 to receive the lowest price.


The Health Benefits of Turning Your Kids On To Running

Your kids always seem to have so much energy. It would be beneficial for them to take that energy and put it somewhere…anywhere. Running may seem like a sport for adults more so than children but getting your children in the habit of running is extremely beneficial and will help them (and you) in the long run.


kids-running-series-arlington-heightsHere are some of the good things that come from getting your children to love running.


Strengthen their muscles and joints

Running consistently will help your children gain muscle and improve their joints. This means that they will be less likely to get an injury. Gaining muscle at a young age will prepare them for when their body is ready to build muscle as a young adult.


It will improve their heart health

The Heart is a muscle and using it helps with healthy function. Being heart healthy at a young age is beneficial for any age child.


Improve their athleticism 

Maybe Jonny is a baseball addict, or Suzy looks to be a swim team superstar. For any sport that your child may be interested in, running is a good basis and will help them with speed, strength and flexibility.


They will always have something to do

Challenge cries of ‘I’m Bored’ with going for a run. Running only requires running shoes and a passion for running. This means that your child will always have something that they love to do when they’re bored.


It can bring you and your child closer together

Running as a family can bring your family together, it is a healthy and fun activity and also lead to further exploration of your neighborhood.


ah-rotary-reindeer-dashIt helps your child sleep better

Running is a proven way to improve sleep. Often with all the electronics that our children are surrounded with on a daily basis, can cause them to struggle with falling asleep at night. Being a consistent runner will tire them out and help regulate sleep patterns.


Getting children passionate about running starts by encouraging them and having them associate it with fun. This year Arlington Heights Rotary Club is hosting their annual Rotary Santa Run 5K Run/Walk. This activity allows your children to both have fun and participate in running.

Start your kids running in the best holiday tradition around Arlington Heights, the Rotary Santa Run. With distances for all racing levels and a Run/Walk option, there’s no better race to include in your holiday revelry. Sign up for the  Rotary Club Santa Run HERE. If you register before 10/31 at Midnight, you receive our lowest registration fee.