12 Christmas Traditions Your Kids Will Never Forget

New Christmas traditions are being adopted quickly in American households. However, keeping old traditions going in your family will always make your holiday more fun. Therefore, if you are looking to start some holiday traditions with your family, here’s 12 Christmas Traditions Your Kids Will Never Forget.

  1. Turn on some Christmas music and decorate the Christmas tree as a family. There’s nothing better than Christmas music, hot chocolate and decorating the Christmas tree to really get into the holiday spirit!

2. Before decorating your Christmas tree, get the family together and craft some ornaments to add to the tree. What’s better than a Christmas day craft, right?! Don’t forget to put the year on your handmade ornaments for keepsakes to cherish for years to come.


3. Get everyone together to bake (and eat) your favourite Christmas cookies.

4.  Decorate gingerbread houses. Every kid loves to decorate their very own gingerbread house with frosting and candy.


5. Drive around for a Christmas lights tour. Is there an area where you live that’s known for their spectacular holiday lights display? If so, get the family in the car and tour the Christmas lights.

6. Schedule a Christmas movie marathon. Get the family together on a Saturday night for a fun Christmas movie marathon. Serve hot chocolate, popcorn, Christmas cookies, etc. and grab your pillows and blankets for a movie marathon your kids will never forget!


7. Plan a Santa breakfast. The kids will love this! On Christmas Eve morning, surprise the kids with a fun Santa breakfast, complete with green Christmas tree waffles, Rudolph pancakes, Grinch fruit kabobs, and more!


8. Participate in a holiday themed run. There are numerous holiday themed runs scheduled throughout the Chicago Metropolitan area. One of our favorites is December 7th this year (2019). The Rotary Santa Run/Walk offers both 5K chip timed competitive options as well as walks for both 5K and 1 mile distances along with a Reindeer Run for the kiddos. For more info visit www.rotarysantarun.org. Medals are included and you can purchase some cool swag to go with your race day goody bag.


9. Make reindeer food for Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, we always go outside and sprinkle reindeer food for Santa’s reindeer. This is a fun tradition my son loves and looks forward to every year!


10. Play Christmas minute to win it games. Have a fun family game night – Christmas style! There are so many fun minute to win it games the whole family will enjoy!


11. Take your annual family Christmas photo in front of the tree with matching holiday pajamas or holiday attire. Are you that family who loves to wear matching holiday pajamas for Christmas?! Why not make it a tradition and take your holiday photos in front of your Christmas tree every year?!


12. Sing Christmas carols at a nursing home. It’s wonderful to show kids how to donate their time and talents during the holidays like singing Christmas carols at a nursing home. Some of these residents may be lonely for the holidays and could really use some holiday cheer! Seeing their faces light up as you sing Christmas carols is such a heart-warming tradition the whole family can do together.




Winter Running Guideline

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS – On your marks, get set, let it snow! You can now register for the annual Santa 5K that brings the community together for the last 5K of the season and gets participants into the holiday spirit whilst giving back to the Rotary Club. On December 7, 2019 be sure to get your running shoes ready and have yourself a merry little holiday race when you join us for the Santa Run. Winter running is very fun but there are a few things to consider before embarking on your winter wonderland run.

When running in winter, it is important to remember to shorten your strides. Because winters in Chicagoland are always unpredictable, a shorten stride allows yourself to be both balanced with potential icy and slushy touraine and also allows your body to warm up more. With that being said, if you see ice patches on your run it is safer to walk over those to avoid slipping and ruining your winter run.


Dressing right is an important aspect of enjoying your winter run. You will be provided with a Santa Suit for the Arlington Heights Rotary Santa Run but you should be prepared to dress warmly under that. Dressing in layers is the best way to be prepared for colder weather. Remembering to wear warmer socks and a hat is a huge factor into how comfortable you will be on your run. Having them be festive is a bonus for our 5K. Wearing running shoes with traction on them also makes it easier for you to enjoy you’re running without slipping every which way.


Combat the cold by warming your body both before and after the race. Before running in the cold, be sure to warm up with some stretching or simply jumping in place to get your body ready to run. After completing the 5K, warm up your body with something warm like hot chocolate by a warm fire. Warm up with us at our after race celebration at various locations throughout Arlington Heights. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR AFTERPARTY HERE.


The final thing to consider before embarking on your winter run is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! When doing physical activities outdoors in the winter, your body may forget that it needs just as much hydration as it would when running in hot summery weather. Drinking a lot of water before, during, and after the race is how you get the most out of your winter running experience.

Running 5Ks is something that brings the running community together but also brings the Arlington Heights community together for a good cause in a fun and festive way. We hope to see you there, register today HERE.

2015 Rotary Santa Run 311

How To Incorporate Generosity Into Your Holiday Tradition

Santa, presents and elves are exciting parts of Christmas and it is obvious why Christmas is nearly every child’s favorite holiday. The songs, music, and movies make it easy to get swept away into the Christmas spirit. However, the core of the Christmas spirit comes from giving back. Emphasizing this in your children may seem like a trying task but it is actually quite simple. Incorporating generosity into your Christmas tradition is an important aspect of making Christmas a special and worthwhile holiday.


  1. Find something your family enjoys


Finding something your family loves to do that both gives back and brings you and your family closer together.


  1. Remind your family the good that you are doing

Knowing that you’re doing something good makes it more likely that you’ll want to do it again next year. Doing good makes you feel good and is an important aspect of Christmas.


  1. Do an event with your community

Seeing your community working together brings everyone closer and makes it seem as though the Christmas spirit really is all around us, all the time.


One final way to incorporate generosity into your Holiday Tradition is to join us in Running for a Cause and Running as a Claus. This year’s Arlington Heights Rotary Santa Run is now open for registration. The annual Rotary Santa Run is a great opportunity to tie together the fun of Christmas to the true reason of the season. With options including 5K chip-timed competitive run along with a walk at both the 5K and 1 mile distances, there’s also a kid friendly Reindeer Run where kids are never out of sight. Fun for the whole family, this year’s Rotary Santa Run takes place on 12/07. For more information or to register for the annual Fun Run, you can Sign up HERE.


Commute For A Cause

This year’s edition of the Arlington Heights Rotary Santa Run aims to bring together locals and runners from communities throughout the Chicago Metropolitan Area. We know you might be asking yourself ‘’Is the commute worth it?’’. Well, we can’t answer that question for your day job, but to run with over 1000 Santa’s, the answer is a definite Yes!

The Arlington Heights Rotary Santa Run is a unique opportunity that only takes place once a year and it helps spread the true spirit of Christmas as proceeds from the Rotary Santa Run are distributed to causes locally, throughout the US, and globally as part of Rotary International’s charitable efforts.  


#commuteforacause with a team of your besties.


We’re asking you to #CommuteforaCause as you participate in the #RotarySantaRun. Save the date, 12/07/19. The race kicks off at 10AM with our David Jaffee @ Properties Reindeer Dash kicking off for kids at 9:30AM. You’ll be commuting for a cause to participate in the oldest holiday run in the region, having given almost $300,000 to charities in and around Arlington Heights. 

Not a runner, join us for the 1 Mile walk. Spread the word about the Rotary Santa Run and gather with your family, friends to make this part of your holiday traditions. 

After the race, stay in downtown Arlington Heights and make a day of it! Take your group to lunch at one of the many fabulous restaurants and get a jump on holiday shopping in one of the specialty retail stores nearby. 

5 Piece Santa suits will be provided for participants of the following events, the 5K Run/Walk and the 1 Mile timed Run/Walk. The design can be found on the Rotary Santa Run website, www.rotarysantarun.org. (WE NEED IMAGES OF PEOPLE WEARING SUITS ON THE WEBSITE, Which Page?) 

Although the commute will take a while, think about it as a Christmas present since your participation will provide to numerous local, regional, and international charities. Run with friends and create a Team. Register TODAY to help make a change and see the magic of the season unfold in front of your eyes! #MAKEADIFFERENCE #RUNFORACAUSE 


Getting Your Kids Ready For Their First 5K Fun Run

A 5K run is an exciting athletic challenge for a child. The distance is great enough to have to train well in order to compete but not so far as to be impossible for most kids. Parents need to be prepared to help a child who expresses interest in running this distance. Map out a plan to train your child in terms of their technique and endurance. This is an opportunity to increase the parent-child bond as you work toward a satisfying goal. 


Run with your kids to prepare for their first 5K

  1. Document Your Strategy: Write down your plan of action in a notebook. Involve your child in the planning process by having them share suggestions. List daily goals such as adding longer distances to training runs. Leave room at the end of the run to record distances and times when you practice. Always celebrate success and coach through failures.
  2. Buy good shoes: You should always outfit your child in shoes specifically constructed for running to guard against injury and help with performance. Take new runners to a sporting goods or athletic shoe store to have their feet measured by a knowledgeable sales person who will take into account arch height and foot width when making purchase recommendations.
  3. Don’t Overtrain: Run with your child every other day. The day off in between is necessary for rest and recovery. Work on strength training during off days by performing crunches, squats, pushups and pullups. Do these exercises with your child to help keep him motivated.
  4. Hydrate: Take plenty of water with your for runs. Hydration is important for energy and endurance. Encourage your child to drink frequently before and during runs — and even more after finishing practice.
  5. Participate: Run with your children to show them you are invested in their pursuit. Model good running form and keep a positive attitude so they will do the same.

If you’re looking for a great first run, join us this coming December 7th at the 12th Annual Rotary Santa Run. Coordinated by the Arlington Heights Rotary Club along with numerous community volunteers, the Rotary Santa Run has the David Jaffee @ Properties Reindeer Run along with 1 mile and 5K options for runners of all abilities. Most importantly, the race proceeds are distributed throughout the community to support noble causes in and around Arlington Heights.

Act Fast, Prices increase 10/31 at midnight. For the lowest registration cost and to lock in the fun, Click HERE.