Getting Your Kids Ready For Their First 5K Fun Run

A 5K run is an exciting athletic challenge for a child. The distance is great enough to have to train well in order to compete but not so far as to be impossible for most kids. Parents need to be prepared to help a child who expresses interest in running this distance. Map out a plan to train your child in terms of their technique and endurance. This is an opportunity to increase the parent-child bond as you work toward a satisfying goal. 


Run with your kids to prepare for their first 5K

  1. Document Your Strategy: Write down your plan of action in a notebook. Involve your child in the planning process by having them share suggestions. List daily goals such as adding longer distances to training runs. Leave room at the end of the run to record distances and times when you practice. Always celebrate success and coach through failures.
  2. Buy good shoes: You should always outfit your child in shoes specifically constructed for running to guard against injury and help with performance. Take new runners to a sporting goods or athletic shoe store to have their feet measured by a knowledgeable sales person who will take into account arch height and foot width when making purchase recommendations.
  3. Don’t Overtrain: Run with your child every other day. The day off in between is necessary for rest and recovery. Work on strength training during off days by performing crunches, squats, pushups and pullups. Do these exercises with your child to help keep him motivated.
  4. Hydrate: Take plenty of water with your for runs. Hydration is important for energy and endurance. Encourage your child to drink frequently before and during runs — and even more after finishing practice.
  5. Participate: Run with your children to show them you are invested in their pursuit. Model good running form and keep a positive attitude so they will do the same.

If you’re looking for a great first run, join us this coming December 7th at the 12th Annual Rotary Santa Run. Coordinated by the Arlington Heights Rotary Club along with numerous community volunteers, the Rotary Santa Run has the David Jaffee @ Properties Reindeer Run along with 1 mile and 5K options for runners of all abilities. Most importantly, the race proceeds are distributed throughout the community to support noble causes in and around Arlington Heights.

Act Fast, Prices increase 10/31 at midnight. For the lowest registration cost and to lock in the fun, Click HERE.

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