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How to Ensure you’ll Have a Pleasant Commute Every Time

Commuting to the suburbs or the city is an empty time on the train spent thinking about whether or not this trip is even worth it. To elevate these thoughts make your time productive with these suggestions. 


  1. Use your downtime to rest or learn something new.

Too few of us enjoy downtime these days. If you’re on public transportation, take a nap. Play a game. Enjoy the solitude or be social. Read a book or watch a show. Or if you’re driving, listen to podcasts or books on tape. Although the “where” is decided, what you do with your mind is 100 percent up to you. Invest this time wisely.


  1. Network and connect with other people.

Could you connect with someone while you commute or make a new friend? The answer is definitely yes! As you all might heading to your workplace or to an event, that is the perfect time to network and exchange information. You should be open to meet people every time, especially when you are in public transportation for a longer time. Discussing work projects, life goals and connecting with passengers will also improve your work productivity.


  1. Make the bus or train ride your email and social media time.

Many time-management experts have found that email and social media, used too frequently throughout the day, can be a productivity black hole. Save your emails for your commute, do social media at the top and tail of your day, where it’s less guilt and more pleasure. If you limit emailing to these times, you’ll find that lots of issues have resolved themselves by the time you check in. Also, you’ll minimize the email distraction during the day and eliminate productivity switching costs by checking email too frequently. All of these lead to a more productive you, with a greater likelihood of career success.


  1. Conduct a daily review

A daily review is something you can do whether you’re stuck on a bus, train or in your own car in traffic. It’s the perfect time to make sure the most important parts of your day are near the top of your to-do list. If they aren’t, mentally make the changes you need


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